Why Should You Keep Your Website Updated?

Why Should You Keep Your Website Updated?

Is your once booming business website lagging behind in prospects and leads? You seem to be losing customers and missing out on new opportunities but you can’t pinpoint why?

Well, the problem to your solution may lie in changes- changing or updating your website as this fast-paced web world is always changing, and you cannot afford to fall behind.Your website may be the culprit to the lag you’re experiencing, take a moment to consider the following reasons it may be time to update your website:

Maintain Functionality Website hosting services like WordPress and Drupal keeps on making the new changes in every few months. Every new update is followed by some changes and if you keep neglecting the updates for the longer interval it may end up with functionality loss in your website. If your website gets too outdated it may lead you in a big trouble and loss. To avoid such scenarios it’s better to get the website timely updated either by yourself or any IT service company like ours.

To convert investors to prospects: With the increase in online business, there arrive new features and updates to attract the visitors. The trends and features keep on changing from time to time and with changing trends you should keep your website updated with the features; else you may miss the opportunities to filter users into your sales funnel. Look at your homepage. Are there opportunities like sign up for a newsletter, watch the video, view products, services or browse? Is the call to action clear?

Staying up-to-date on new improvements : Site update provides you with a number of new features for its enhancement and security. You might not be able to see the difference with an update on the front end but somehow, somewhere it is helping you to make your website more efficient, effective and secure. This scenario is same as the case of car service, if you keep getting your car serviced timely, it might not show some greater difference but you skip them you might have to face some consequences in the long run.

Keep your site secure: To keep all the security issues up-to-date these web hosting companies keep on launching updated version. With the advancement in technology, every day a new threat is discovered and to overcome and protect your website (which may have some confidential data’s) the web hosting providers come up with updates. Sometimes, you can’t find any changes in the front-end but somehow the update is working for you and your website’s security.

Your website isn’t ranking on search engines: Truly, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to page ranking because the search engines are constantly changing their algorithms. Basically, SEO is a game where the rules are always changing, and it’s up to SEO experts to find out how to make their companies’ sites rank well. If you let your website stagnate for around 12 months without any design, content, or navigational refreshes chances are good that your SEO is in trouble.

Some people may find updating the website a tricky as well as painful task. Therefore, we at Scientific Webs avail proper support, service and maintenance to our clients. Contact us! For your website update and maintenance work, we will love to serve you.

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