Online School Management Solution

Online School Management Solution

A Comprehensive solution designed with utmost sophistications, state of the art web technology and aimed to provide quality and better education management.
Parent Access

Parent can log in and view their children detail: attendance, assignment and progress report through the parent portal

Student Information

Get easy access to students particulars: their grades, address, parents info, performance and other activities, at any time.

Teacher Information

Track your teacher's particulars: schedule, address and helps parents directly connect with the them in case of urgency.


Teacher can easily create home assignments for the students and the students and parents can check them instantly.


Easy to track daily and monthly attendance of the student. Parent and student all are well notified about the attendance percentage.

Report Cards

Report cards are fully customizable- Schools can have their own grading criteria, report card format to be designed and print.

Fee Tracking

A simple and straightforward fee tracking module with complete report and notification updates on fee submission and dues.

Integrated SMS Gateway

An integrated SMS gateway module to send bulk messages to parents for meeting and urgent communication.

Organised School Management System With emphasis on end user delight

The Online School Management web application provides with the automated the life cycle of a student from admission to pass-out from maintaining the academic records, facilitates collaboration, allows schools to collect fees, conduct exams and print report card.

Our PHP developer team has designed the system for all the educational institutions out there to have a smoother functioning. Eliminate some of the most elementary problems faced on a day to day basis:-

  • Administrative offices are overloaded with files and piles of information
  • Procedure to gain access to any small data is long and heavily bureaucratic
  • Most of the information provided is out of date and inconsistent
  • Functionality is scattered throughout different organisational units
Get our customised and personalised School Management System to make your school a Smart School!

One Web Based Application for everyone.

With one common database and configurable user security profiles, Our School Management Application allows you to seamlessly and securely share the information with the teachers, parents and students. It is an easy to use common platform to bridge the communication gap between the school and the parent.

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