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Help DeskWe offer both the telephone and email based help-desk support. We do not use automated call queuing system, all our support calls are attended manually.

Remote AssistanceBy remotely connecting to a customer’s server through a secure encrypted link we resolve their problem or carry out the maintenance task.

24 hrs Customer SupportOur Support engineers are 24*7 available to serve you and solve all your queries. In a case of any emergency feel free to contact us anytime!

Managed ServicesIt is kind of scheduled visit that helps to analyse the way in which the client’s project is used and to suggest and implement improvements.

Support Center

Scientific Webs provides regular update for the development process and communicates to discuss the suggestion and feedback. We get the approval for the work from client on the milestone basis and once it is completed and approved from the client, we deliver it and offer comprehensive support to transfer the application from mere codes to live site for customer shop and purchase. We then make it live on server and the support period starts up.

We also provide maintenance for correction; bug fixing, maintenance and updates during the support time period. We also support full guidance on how to use, support and maintain the website to provide comfortable operation while working.

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